Be part of our Story

And yet another soul finds their way through the infinite grid, emerging from the countless things to lay eyes on the restless peninsula of Teel.It is for you to decide whether Teel persists as a miracle of scientific discoveries and exploration, or if you want to preserve the arcane nature of the foreign land beyond the Infinite Sands.

Welcome to Teel, Arrival.

At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio.

Everything changed for the undying Juru people when the yearly Wave once brought foreigners, and with the foreigners, there came curiosity and the irresistible urge to explore and evolve. After years of respectful cultural encounter, the settlers and their children became older and their Juru neighbors simply did not. People began to talk and the Alchemists listened.

They soon found a way to sequester this unknown kind of breath, which invigorates machina, body and soul with life. Other worlds and their indefinite possibilities came nearer. You, chosen fews of the Athem, you are not determined by fate, but by your own choices. Fight, learn and communicate – you will know how to make use of the Roa when the time comes.

Explore the Daoverse with your NFT

Every single Daoverse NFT leads to a unique character that belongs to one out of 240 Subclasses. Our handmade 3D Models come in great detail – actually, we are creating the most complex NFT models on the market. Once the game launches, your NFTs will get drawn into the fantastic world of Teel, where those Arrivals have a great impact on the existing society.

You will be able to earn Athem and eventually individualize your NFTs and their environment by completing Quests, fighting in PvP and PvE Fights, become a part of the Community, and much more… Get ready for your Arrival in this world full of chances and secure your NFT now!