a new frontier for NFTs



9 random numbers on a screen? Yes, you mint 9 random numbers which are used for the Character Generation.



It will be possible to trade in your BLINDBOX NFT for a daoverse Character once the RPG launches. Your 8 blindbox numbers will generate one of 240 subclasses.



once our Metaverse has launched, it will be possible to use the Character as an avatar in all Applications, from our RPG game to our Social Media Platforms.



whats a metaverse without the Community?

Connect with People, Plan Activities, play games and Vote in the DAO. Be part of a World that could be whatever you want it to be.



there will be Marketplaces where you can trade your NFTs with others, easy like sitting together and trading a cardgame.



We are developing a cross chain functional Blockchain with its own Coin. Be rewarded for enhancing the Metaverse or playing games. We are aiming to make it possible to use this coin in real Life, too.

Play → Earn → Live

The Founders



(Personality: ENFP-A)



(Personality: INFJ-A)




Pundix / Function X



Pundix / Function X

Storywriting, publishing

(Pesonality: INTP-T)

Storywriting, Content creation

(Personality: ISTJ-T)

Next Generation NFTs

Your character makes the Difference.

The world of NFTs may seem complex and all too theoretical for most people. Investments in a digital good require a lot of imagination and know-how. That’s why we want to surpass the basic concept of NFT trade and play-to-earn communities: The DAOverse offers a whole world for your NFTs where you can use your unique figure to participate in a foreign, fantastic world and be whoever you like.

Mint your Blindbox

Get 1 of 240 handmade, 3D-modeled subclasses from your Blindbox.

Connect with your Character

Use your NFT as your avatar on our social media platforms.

Play the RPG

Discover the RPG world of Teel through the eyes of your in-game NFT character. You will be able to equip them with a home, a personal story and individual skills.

Trade your NFT

Trade your NFT on the FXcoin market and earn a fortune – the trade will also be an in-game option in the Free City of Teel.

Shape the World with us

The ongoing story of our game is a collective experience, just as the DAO behind it. Your character will do their bit to determine the future of Teel. It depends on you how the story unfolds.

The most detailed NFTs worldwide

Currently, we are creating the best NFTs on the market. Our handmade, 3D-modeled NFTs are playable characters who wait for you to give them a personal history. There are plenty of options for the 240 basic models to be individualized by playing in the DAOverse – roll the dice, earn Athem and endow your character with new valuable items and skills.

Watch the first Spellblade in Action:


Phase I

  • Start Minting Process with Blindboxproject NFTs – Done
  • create Character classes and Subclasses Lists – Done
  • create the #rollthedice Decision Tree – Done
  • create the first 3d Model of each class – Done
  • launch Homepage – Done
  • create the Behind the scenes Videos
  • create the Lore and World Map
  • create all 3d Models for the Alpha edition
  • create the #rollthedice and class reveal events and videos – 1 video per month
  • create the NFTs on the blockchain
  • create a low fee marketplace for dynamic Trading possibilities – collaboration in progress
  • airdrop the DAOverse NFTs to the Blindbox NFT Holders
  • increase marketing Effort
  • enlarge Social media Team

Phase II

  • found “daoverse games” as official company
  • worldwide trademark “Daoverse”
  • increase developers team if necessary
  • development of DAOverse Blockchain
  • development of the main area of the game
  • development of DAOverse governance process
  • Release of DAOverse Blockchain coin
  • connection of DAOverse Blockchain coin to the markets
  • List DAOverse coin on XPOS retail point of sale systems
  • Finalize the first Game with the community on the DAO platform
  • Release of 2nd or 3rd Editions if the demand is too high
  • Release of the Main Area of the game

Phase III

  • DAO proposals for extension of the DAOverse (e.g. integration of social media platform etc.)
  • Metaverse domination

Now it is your turn

We are currently applying for an ecosystem funding of the FunctionX blockchain. please vote for us !

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