Immerse into the Metaverse

Dive into a world where the boundaries of gaming, socializing, and creativity dissolve, giving way to a universe that evolves with you. From the adrenaline-fueled adventures to the tranquil escapes, DAOverse is your destination to live the extraordinary. Step through the portal and immerse yourself in a metaverse where every moment is an adventure, every vista a masterpiece, and every day a new horizon to explore.

Create your Own Identity

In the heart of DAOverse lies the power to redefine your digital persona. Forge your identity in a metaverse that celebrates diversity, creativity, and individuality. Here, you are the architect of your avatar, the master of your narrative. With an array of customization options at your fingertips, you can design an alter ego that mirrors your aspirations, expresses your unique style, and evolves with your journey.

Our Services and Departments

DAOverse.Games: Epic Sagas Await

Step into the expansive realms of DAOverse.Games, where your spirit for adventure finds its true calling. Here, our meticulously developed main story game and the bustling metaverse city await your exploration. Embark on a journey where your decisions mold the narrative, and every corner holds a story to be part of. It’s more than gaming; it’s living within a tale of boundless possibilities.

DAOverse.Finance: Navigating the Crypto Frontier

DAOverse.Finance offers a comprehensive suite of financial services designed for the new age of crypto. Our platform facilitates smooth crypto transactions, from exchanges to bridges and custody services, providing a secure and efficient gateway for both newcomers and veterans of the crypto world. Embrace the future of finance with us, where innovation meets security and prosperity.

DAOverse.Social: Where Connections Flourish

DAOverse.Social is the social fabric of our metaverse, designed to forge meaningful connections across a universe of interests. It’s a space where conversations spark, communities form, and every interaction can lead to new discoveries. Join us to share, connect, and grow in a network within the Metaverse city and all connected services that celebrates every voice.

DAOverse.Dev: Crafting the Future, Together

DAOverse.Dev is a haven for creators and developers, offering a robust platform to bring your dreams to digital life. With our comprehensive legal and technical framework, we’re setting the stage for endless creativity and innovation. Whether you’re developing content, services, or groundbreaking applications, we provide the tools and freedom you need to create without constraints.

DAOverse.Tech: The Blockchain Revolution

At the core of our ecosystem, DAOverse.Tech provides the blockchain infrastructure that powers our digital universe. By leveraging blockchain technology, we’re creating a seamless, secure environment for transactions and digital ownership, ensuring that your journey through the metaverse is both safe and revolutionary. aiming to create a Hub for A Borderless Experience.

DAOverse.AI: The Vanguard of Intelligent Solutions

In the vanguard of innovation, DAOverse.AI is reshaping the future with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. We’re deploying advanced AI to fortify cybersecurity, providing unparalleled web defense, and in-depth code review services for third-party applications. Our personal assistant protocol redefines digital companionship, offering you a smarter, more intuitive virtual ally in your daily digital endeavors.

The Company

DAOverse Games

Joint Stock Company

Founded in Cairo, Egypt

Metaverse Gaming Revolution

The Founders

1337Alchimist, Patrick Schnelle

CEO, dipl. chem.


Quality Engineer,

Investment Broker.

RPG Nerd
Innovation and Vision

(Personality: ENFP-A)

KuzuIV, Shady Metwaly



3D Designer,

Game Developer

Blockchain Enthusiast

(Personality: INFJ-A)

The Board Members

Marcel Gerber


Web3 Marketing,

Content Creation

World Class Gamer

Laura Bruning



Art Director

Book Publisher

(Personality: INTP-T)

Samy Rezk

3D Artist, 

3D Artist,

UE5 Specialist

Asset Creationist


Storywriting, publishing

Content creation, Marketing Strategy

Storywriting, Press Releases

Trademarking, Legal


Phase I – Q1 2024: Foundations

  • Found “DAOverse games” as an official company
  • Secure worldwide trademarks for “DAOverse”
  • Unveil the DAOverse profile concept, emphasizing its potential for social media and personal growth
  • launch Homepage
  • Showcase the State of the Development since 2021
  • Start of the Pre Seed investment round

Phase II – Q2 2024: Building Momentum

  • Increase the development team
  • Equip the Cairo Office
  • continue development of the DAOverse RPG – the main story game
  • create the DAOverse Metaverse’s initial framework, emphasizing its potential for housing, services, and connections
  • Introduce the DAOverse NFTs concept, highlighting the 240 subclasses
  • Enhance marketing efforts and expand the social media team
  • Development of DAOverse utility token

Phase III – Q3 2024: first Product Rollouts

  • Release the first 3D models for the DAOverse RPG
  • further Develop the world lore and map for the DAOverse Metaverse
  • Initiate the creation of all 3D models for the Alpha edition
  • Start the #rollthedice and class reveal events, with two events per month, plus additional social media focus
  • Develope the DAOverse profile further, emphasizing its use for market research and service connections
  • Launch the DAOverse dev platform for developers to start integrating their games or modding existent ones
  • Release the DAOverse Token as the utility coin powering transactions

Phase IV – Q4 2024: Expanding the Ecosystem

  • Mint the DAOverse NFTs on the blockchain
  • presale of the DAOverse Token as the utility coin powering transactions
  • Airdrop the Bonus DAOverse NFTs to early investors
  • Launch of the DAOverse Marketplace for NFT trading
  • Open Alpha of the DAOverse RPG with community feedback
  • DAO proposals for extension of the DAOverse (e.g. integration of social media platform etc.)

Phase V – Q1 2025: MVP Metaverse Launch and Beyond

  • Launch the DAOverse profile, emphasizing its potential for personal growth, personality development, and market research
  • Introduce KYC and financial Services and integrate into DAOverse Profile
  • Officially launch the DAOverse Metaverse, opening doors for industries like real estate, entertainment, education, and more
  • Open Alpha of the DAOverse Main Story RPG with community feedback
  • Introduce the DAOverse Blockchain Utility token to the market
  • Connect the DAOverse Token to multiple DEXes and CEXes

Phase VI – Q3 2025 and Onwards: Continuous Expansion

  • Release the DAOverse governance coin
  • Release the DAO voting platform
  • Further expand the DAOverse Metaverse, incorporating more industries and enhancing user experiences
  • Regularly update and expand the DAOverse RPG based on user feedback and market trends
  • Introduce new editions and updates to the DAOverse NFTs and Marketplace
  • Continuously refine and expand the DAOverse profile based on user needs and industry advancements

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